Plenary meeting of CEN/TC 391

Plenary meeting of CEN/TC 391

On 5th - 6th September 2018 PKN hosted the 18th plenary meeting of CEN/TC 391 Societal and Citizen Security.

Standardization activity of CEN/TC 391 is focused on supporting stakeholders in the area of social security, civil protection and helps ensure cooperation and elaboration of standards in a very broad area of security.

Standards developed by CEN/TC 391 comply with other European and international standards in the area of social security and civil protection and pertain to:

  • all kinds of threats to European social security and civil protection;
  • sudden events, such as natural and man-made disasters, emergency situations or crises (e.g. related to CBRNE - chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear substances, climate, terrorism, organized crime, border security, pandemics, infrastructure or data transfer);
  • civil protection, including privacy;
  • the use of products and technologies related to security.

The development of European standardization in the area of social security and civil protection will help achieve a common approach to such important issues as interoperability, destabilizing incidents management or continuity management.