Training courses

By offering training opportunities, the Polish Committee for Standardization wishes to support its Customers in determining and implementing new standards, in order to ensure your product’s competitiveness on the market.

What are the advantages of enrolling in a training course provided by the Polish Committee for Standardization?
1. Access to current knowledge and standardization works, both at  national level and international level,
2. Improved competence of your team through transfer of knowledge.
3. Ability to contact specialists in a specific field.
4. Proven knowledge transferred in a clear and relevant manner.
The PKN offers e-learing and traditional training opportunities.


E-learning is a new solution in our portfolio – designed for all those who prefer distance learning: this type of training enables participation without physical presence in the classroom. E-learning translates traditional presentation into a simple screen-based form. Our training courses combine course material with tests proving the participants’ knowledge. In order to enroll for a paid training, you have to purchase training access at our online shop. After completing your payment, just log in at the Wiedza website in order to be able to view the training material within minutes.

Traditional training

Enroll for an open or a closed training course in order to explore topics of interest to you. Open training events are typically designed for a large number of participants, often from the same branch of industry. Representatives of various companies from across the country meet during such training courses. The advantage of this type of training is that information may be shared with individuals who work at similar positions and face similar problems. A training event is an opportunity to compare various experiences and observe how specific situations are addressed by other entrepreneurs. Closed training events typically address your specific demand for knowledge in a given field. Training is always adjusted to your individual needs. In additional to the syllabus, you may also determine the teaching method, type of tasks and exercises, location, date and duration of the training event. Please send your detailed enquiries and expectations to The trainers are PKN experts and external professionals with necessary theoretical and practical knowledge.