Basic information about PN

Polish Standard is a national standard, adopted by consensus and approved by the PKN - National Standards Body in Poland, publicly available, designed for voluntary, common and repeated use, marked - on an exclusive basis – with the acronym PN. It can also be the transposition of European or International Standard. This transposition can be in the language of origin.

National Technical Committees (KT) are responsible for a development and content of Polish Standards. They are bodies composed of representatives of business entities, government administration, institutions, associations, research institutes, professional and consumer organizations and interested in standardization.

PKN does not affect the content of standards, it monitors only the compliance of processes of standards development with internal regulations of PKN. The approval of draft PN by PKN is only a formal statement of this compliance and recognition of this document as Polish Standard.

Polish Committee for Standardization has the exclusive copyright on Polish Standards.

According to the Act on Standardization and principles of European and international standardization, Technical Committees may also develop other documents of lower status than standards, such as Technical Specifications, Technical Reports, Guides, etc. KT may also transpose such documents developed within European and International Standards Organizations into the national system.