Meeting of DKE and PKN representatives


dke_meeting.jpgDKE is the national organization responsible for the creation and maintenance of standards and safety specifications covering the areas of electrical engineering, electronics and information technology in Germany.

Tomasz Schweitzer (President), Jolanta Kochańska (Vice President in charge of Standardization), Ewa Zielińska (Director of External Relations Department) from PKN, Michael Teigeler (Managing Director) and Thomas Sentko (International Cooperation IEC) from DKE participated in the meeting of management. The discussion focused on EC’s activities related to European standardization, future of the CENELEC and implementation of the agreement between DKE and PKN.

The seminar for employees of PKN was attended by representatives of Standardization Department, Coordination Department and External Relations Department. Speakers - Thomas Sentko and Henryk Sieradzki (Technical Officer of DKE) discussed activities of DKE, structure of standardization system in Germany, activities of national technical committees, procedure for the development of standardization documents, cooperation between DKE and DIN (German Institute for Standardization), role of an expert in standardization activities and development of European and International Standards.

These meetings give us an opportunity to learn about the standardization activities in other countries and take advantage of these solutions, which can increase the efficiency of national standardization body.