Mission, Vision and Objectives of PKN

Efficient organization of standardization activities:

  • in line with the European and international solutions developed with active participation of national experts;
  • supporting the national technical policy in order to facilitate trade, ensure competitiveness of Polish producers;
  • timely providing all stakeholders with high quality, market relevant standardization products.

PKN to be a modern legal entity, known and valued in Poland and worldwide, independent and open for the needs of market and public administration, satisfying users’ needs and providing high quality services in due time.

The main objective of the activities of PKN:
To build up a reputation in Poland and in the international arena of an organization:

  • which is recognized and valued in Poland and worldwide as impartial, autonomous and objective;
  • which efficiently coordinates standards work, actively participates in the activities of International and European Standards Organizations;

which provides the Polish economy, society and public administration with high quality services and products.