History of PKN

History of PKN
1923 On the initiative of ing. Piotr Drzewiecki  Technical Committee for Standardization of Industrial Products and Their Delivery is being established at the Ministry of Trade and Industry (Pursuant to Regulation of Council of Ministers of 02.07.1923).
1923 Polish National Electrotechnical Committee (established as part of Association of Polish Electrical Engineers – SEP) on the initiative of prof. Mieczyslaw Pozaryski becomes member of IEC.
1924 On the basis of a resolution adopted at the meeting of the Technical Committee for Standardization of Industrial Products and Their Delivery, Polish Committee for Standardization (P.K.N.) is being established and Polish Standard (PN) is being introduced as an official document for voluntary use –  formally confirmed in the Official Journal of Poland “Polish Monitor” of 1926).
1925 First PN published.
1925 P.K.N. started issuing its own publication “News of P.K.N.”
1942 Standardization work is being secretly resumed under the guidance of ing. Czeslaw Szczekowski – standardization committees begin to operate and standards are being secretly sold and distributed among schools and individuals engaged in research.
1945 Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN) reinstated after the war.
1947 PKN becomes the charter member of ISO.
1949 The Act on Polish Committee for Standardization introduces standards as documents for mandatory use.
1950 At the request of the General Board of SEP, Polish National Electrotechnical Committee is being included in the PKN.
1953 PKN becomes the central state administration body responsible for standardization.
1961 Act on Standardization confirms PKN status as a central state administration body.
1970 Co-operation between UN/ECE and PKN has been initiated.
1972 Pursuant to Act of 29.03.1972  PKN and Central Office of Measures merge together into the Polish Committee for Standardization and Measures (PKNiM).
1979 Pursuant to Act on Quality of Products and Services of 08.02.1979 Polish Committee for Standardization, Measures and Quality Control (PKNMiJ) is being established.
1991 PKNMiJ becomes an Affiliate of CEN and CENELEC.
1992 First two PN-EN approved.
1993 Pursuant to Act on Standardization of 3.04.1993, PKNMiJ is dissolved and PKN (Polish Committee for Standardization) reinstated. The law introduces the voluntary system of standardization in Poland in accordance with the European practice. Polish standards acquire the status of documents for voluntary use.
1994 PKN becomes ETSI/NSO as a result of a signed Memorandum of Understanding with ETSI.
1995 PKN introduces voluntary Mark of Conformity with Polish Standards.
1996 National enquiry point of  WTO/TBT is being established at PKN Office.
1997 Polish Standards database is being included in the PERINORM system.
1999 75th anniversary of the Polish Committee for Standardization.
2000 Act of 13.10.2000 on amending  the Act on Standardization  of 03.04.1993 allowed the adoption of European and international standards in the original language, hence creating the possibility for PKN membership in CEN and CENELEC.
2002 Act on Standardization of 12.09.2002 adopted.
2002 PKN applies for full membership in CEN and CENELEC.
2002 PKN started selling standards in electronic form.
2003 New Act on Standardization in force - new status of PKN - standardization system fully compatible with the European one. 
2004 PKN becomes a Member of CEN and CENELEC on 1st of January.
2004 80th anniversary of the Polish Committee for Standardization.
2004 PKN is granted the Certificate of Quality Management System affirming its conformity with the requirements of PN-EN ISO:9001.
2008 PKN launched an online store.
2009 PKN is granted the status of a mandated body in European Commission.
2010 PKN introduced a fully electronic process into the development of Polish Standards and into the work of Technical Committees.
2010 20th of May named the Day of Polish Standardization.
2011 PKN introduced changes into the management of standardization work – a sectoral approach is being implemented and new bodies are being established – Sector Councils and Project Committees.
2011 PKN introduced educational policy towards institutions of higher education.
2011 PKN introduced new electronic products: e-Access and Standards Management Systems.
2011 PKN is granted the Certificate of Information Security Management Systems affirming its conformity with the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001.
2011 PKN is launching a new store and reading room at Świętokrzyska street in Warsaw.
2012 PKN introduced a System of Digital Sales of Products and Services and a System for Management of Standardization Processes (PZN).
2012 Full conversion of current Polish Standards into XML format.
2012 The first meeting of CEN/TC 419 took place on the premises of PKN – the first technical committee of CEN with secretariat allocated to Poland.
2012 PKN introduces an Education Policy in relation to secondary schools.
2014 PKN is launching a new informational and education portal:
2014 90th anniversary of the Polish Committee for Standardization.
2015 PKN establishes the following awards: Standardization Compass and Promoter of Education about Standardization.
2017 PKN launches its profiles in social media.
2019 The basics of standardization are incorporated into the new core curricula of education in the vocational education professions.
2021 Ewa Zielińska was elected Vice-President Policy of CENELEC. For the first time this position is held by a person from Poland.