Price system

  • Polish Committee for Standardization announces that a free of charge information of Polish Standards, standardization products, including their prices, is placed on our shop search engine.

Prices of Polish Standards, standardization documents and other PKN publications depending on physical medium


Net price


Paper version Basic price 23%

File on CD-ROM

10% discount of  basic price


Downloadable file

File to be sent by e-mail

25% discount of basic price 23%
Electronic version file for reading (30 min. for reading) 90% discount of basic price plus postal charge for sending an invoice 23%

Erratums and corretions to standards are free (to be downloaded from a website

  • We encourage you to purchase the documents in electronic version – you get the lowest net price!
  • All Polish Standards (PN) (except for special standards with original attachments) are available only in electronic version ( as pdf file) with possibility of printing only one copy regardless of the number of simultaneous network users.
  • The price of products in electronic version depends on the number of simultaneous users  and it amounts to:

Cs= Cn √Lu


Cs –  multi-user and network version’s price;

Cn – an individual standard’s price;

Lu – a number of network users or separate computer stations.

  • The user has the right to use the purchased products solely for in-house purposes, according to the received license.