PN Mark

Mark of Conformity with Polish Standard (Polish Standards) – pn_male_0.jpg Mark - is a third party mark of conformity. The Polish Committee for Standardization is the owner of the pn_male_0.jpg Mark (on the basis of article 7 paragraph 2 of the Act on the standardization of September 12, 2002).

The example of pn_male_0.jpg Mark is given in Annex 2 to regulation of the Council of Ministers of  October  11, 2010 (OJ 2010, No 198, item 1316).


PKN grants to the Organizations the right to use the pn_male_0.jpg Mark for products which comply with the Polish Standard (Polish Standards) provided that the certification process was conducted with a positive result and PN certificate was issued by PKN.

PKN approves placing under the pn_male_0.jpg Mark such information as the number of standard,  name of product or group of products in the way chosen by the Organization and agreed with PKN.

President of PKN may (on the basis of article 7 paragraph 3 of the Act on the standardization of September 12, 2002) empower Certification Bodies (CB) to issue PN certificates and grant to the Organizations the right to use the pn_male_0.jpg Mark.


  • confirms that the product, service, system or process etc. has been subjected to the certification;
  • demonstrates that the manufacturer has obtained certificate of conformity with the Polish Standard and the right to place pn_male_0.jpg Mark on the product and to use it in a way agreed with PKN;
  • is a graphic and symbolic presentation of conformity to the Polish Standard (Polish Standards);
  • confirms that the subject of certification (product, service, system or the process etc.) meets all requirements specified in selected Polish Standard (Polish Standards);
  • ensures that the product and its manufacturing are tested and supervised by an independent third party;
  • guarantees product quality and safety and is an expression of confidence to the product and its producer;



  • pn_male_0.jpg Mark is an encouragement for the consumer to use/apply the product, service, system, process that is signed with it.

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