PN Certificate

The basis for acquiring, issuing and delivering PN certificate is conformity of the product – subject of certification – with the Polish Standard (Polish Standards): national standards (PN) or standards which implement European Standards (PN-EN) and/or International Standards (PN- ISO/IEC).

PN certificate - certificate of conformity to the Polish Standard (Polish Standards), authorizing its owner to the application of Mark - in particular placing it on the product.

PN certificate may be issued for the Organization (manufacturer, authorized representative, importer, distributor etc.), after fulfilling following conditions:

  1. all tests which confirm that the subject of certification fulfills all requirements specified in selected Polish Standard (Polish Standards) have been carried out with a positive result.
  2. the Organization has demonstrated that is able to provide continuity of conformity of its product (subject of certification) with the Polish Standard (Polish Standards) during the validity of PN certificate.


An agreement between PKN and the Organization defines details of proceeding the certification process by PKN and issuing PN certificate.

PN certificate may also be granted and issued by Certification Bodies – CB empowered by President of PKN – see Certification by CB.

The example of PN certificate is given in Annex 1 to the regulation of the Council of Ministers of October 11, 2010 (OJ 2010, No 198, item 1316).

For the consumer the  Mark is a visualization that the Organization is the owner of PN certificate.

Polish Committee for Standardization publishes the list of PN certificates

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Certification Unit