Certification by PKN

Product certification (including service certification) or management system certification, conducted by PKN, comprises following steps:

  1. The Organization has complied with the obligatory and essential condition:

    The Organization has defined and applied the standard (standards) relating to the object of certification that is going to be certified.

    NOTE: We invite all customers to contact with the Information and Analysis Division of PKN that will supply information in the scope of identification of standards that may be applicable to the product. This information does not include the evaluation if the standard selected by the Organization is appropriate.

  2. The Organization interested in acquiring  the PN certificate shall make a request2 to PKN by filling in an Application for cost valuation of product (service) certification or management system certification /evaluation of conformity with the Polish Standard and issuing PN certificate, authorizing its holder to apply the Mark.
  3. After receiving the request, PKN prepares and sends to Organization the offer that specifies certification scope and costs

    NOTE: An offer is free of charge and does not constitute any obligation concerning PKN services.

  4. After approval of the offer by Organization, a contract on product certification / contract on management system certification (appropriately to the object of certification)  between PKNand the Organization is signed. The subject of this contract concerns:
    1. conditions of conducting by PKN the certificationprocess of conformity with the Polish Standard (Polish Standards) and issuing PN certificate
    2. conditions of giving the authorization to apply Mark and the scope and methods ofimplementation this authorization by the Organization
    3. conditionsand rules of supervising PN certificate issued by PKN
  5. The Organization will acquire PN certificate and the authorization to apply Mark after demonstrating that the object of certification is in conformity with the Polish Standard (Standards) specified in the contract.

The cost of certification and supervising PN certificate by PKN during three-year validity period of PN certificate is calculated in accordance with an internal rules of PKN.

An Organization is entitled to appeal from decision on certification or to make a complaint against the certification proceeding and/or auditors proceeding. Such appeal or complaint can be made ONLY in writing on the following address:

Sales Department – Certification and Training Unit

Polish Committee for Standardization

P.O. box 411

00-050 Warsaw 1

Deadline for PKN reply is 30 days since receiving the correspondence from the Organization.

In case of arising the matter in dispute on the complaint or appeal consideration, as well as on the decisions taken by Certification Department of PKN, an Organization is entitled to ask the PKN President for final decision on the matter within 14 days from receiving the decision of the Director of Certification Department.

There is a possibility to engage, by the PKN President, the Council for Certification and appointment the expert fluent in the field of activity  of the applying Organization - on request of the Chairman of the Council, on every stage of considering  the complaint or appeal.

Should you have any questions concerning certification of conformity with the Polish Standard(s), PN certificates or Mark, please do not hesitate to contact with Sales Department – Certification and Training Unit.