Certificate of Conformity to PN

Economic operator placing his product on the market (manufacturer, the authorized representative, importer or distributor) usually have to or/and would like to verify compliance with the requirements of the product given in reference specification (e.g., Polish Standard, directive, regulation).

A need for regulatory compliance leads to a mandatory certification.

A need for compliance resulted from a free will of interested parties (supplier – consumer) leads to a voluntary certification.

Voluntary Certification

With the rising consumer awareness the voluntary certification and the marks associated with voluntary certification become very important. The Mark of Conformity to the Polish Standard is such a mark:


Usually, the certificate of conformity is issued together with a mark of conformity.

In case of the Mark of Conformity to the Polish Standard and PN Certificate, the conformity with the requirements of the Polish Standard / Polish Standards is guaranteed.

The term Polish Standard applies to the purely national standard as well as to any Polish Standard that is a national transposition European Standards (EN) or International Standards (ISO, IEC).

Mandatory Certification

Taking into consideration the case of mandatory certification, the relevant law governs the scope of certification activities, the third parties authorized to carry out these activities and their necessary competencies.

The proof of conformity of product with the essential requirements of New Approach European Directives laid down by law is related to the necessity to carry out the conformity procedure and to affix the CE marking on the product.